Why Choose Edinger Consulting Group?

Some of the world’s leading organizations hire Scott Edinger to work with senior leaders to formulate and implement growth strategies, lead change, and create cultures where innovation thrives.
  • Tailored Collaboration Scott designs and implements individualized consulting engagements that focus on client objectives. Recognizing that various approaches can yield excellent results, he does not insist on using a proprietary methodology that must be followed in lock-step fashion.
  • Unique Perspective Scott occupies a unique niche at the intersection of leadership and sales, having successfully performed both functions—in addition to writing, speaking, and consulting about them. As a former senior executive, he brings pragmatic approaches to client engagements.
  • Results Focus Scott strives to provide a minimum of a 10:1 return ratio on his clients’ investment in his work, and believes in both short- and long-term gains. He recognizes that long-term gains are unlikely if short-term gains can’t be produced. Investments in the future should also yield immediate results.
  • Client Reviews Clients in nearly every industry sector have provided enthusiastic reviews of Scott’s work with them. Seth Zimmer, of AT&T suggests "working with Scott Edinger is a sure thing". Please take a closer look at the written and video reviews from clients on the "review page"

Scott's Books

Scott’s latest book The Hidden Leader is a Washington Post Bestseller and was selected as one of the Best Business Books of the Year. He is also co-author of The Inspiring Leader and a contributor to The ASTD Leadership Handbook.

Client Reviews:

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