Too many sales organizations must discount to win business—or find their customers ignore what they do better than the competition. Today, great products and services are a given, so it’s much harder to differentiate based on what you offer clients. Only by using your sales organization to differentiate your business, can you transcend the commodity sale.

This speech expands on the ideas in Scott’s Harvard Business Review article, Would Your Customers Pay for Your Sales Calls? Scott shares strategies for transforming the sales function from corporate mouthpiece to a value-creating engine that makes customers willing to pay a premium.

You’ll learn:

  • The driving forces behind commoditization, and how to combat them
  • The most effective ways to create value in the sales process
  • What the future of selling looks like

Create a Coaching Culture

Create Value as a Sales Organization

Fear of Sales

You Can’t Manage Numbers

What Won’t Bring Organizational Change

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