Scott Edinger helps companies achieve profitable revenue growth.

He works with CEOs and other C-suite leaders at some of the world’s most prominent companies including AT&T, Bank of America, McDonalds, and Lenovo.

At all times, Scott keeps the end result in mind: increased profits and growth.

Reaching these goals often requires:

  • Creating high performance organizational cultures
  • Transforming the sales function from distribution to differentiation
  • Developing leadership capacity to inspire and motivate others
  • Formulating world-class strategies and implementation plans
  • Improving execution, teamwork, and collaboration
  • Cultivating employee engagement
  • Introducing best practices that drive innovation

Scott implements tailored approaches to get results. Engagements may involve a variety of consulting methods, such as working closely as an advisor with individual executives, leading strategy sessions, or facilitating development workshops. Together with his clients, Scott designs and executes plans that help them achieve their highest priority goals. The mechanics differ based on the objectives, but the key to effective management consulting is no secret.

Unique processes and procedures or a “black box” of techniques won’t make the difference for you. Much of management consulting involves some combination of classic methodologies (e.g. coaching, group facilitation, workplace observation, training programs, feedback, surveys, etc.). But these are just tactics. What will make the difference is the power of the consulting partnership created, the caliber and value of the advice given, and the consultant’s ability to help you guide others and create the changes needed to achieve your objectives.

Ultimately, it is all about the intentional performance improvement that is critical to a successful organization. Scott offers a path to rapid growth, built on his published research and experience helping clients build on organizational assets and leverage their leaders’ strengths.

A Unique Perspective

Scott Edinger occupies a unique niche at the intersection of leadership and sales, having successfully performed both functions—in addition to writing, speaking and consulting about them. As a former senior executive, Scott has frontline leadership experience. He has designed and implemented strategies achieving record levels of growth, worked with boards of directors, hired, fired, managed and inspired. In addition, Scott was a top sales professional, and achieved a No. 2 worldwide ranking in a division of a Fortune 500 company. Scott uses his extensive leadership and sales experience to help executives achieve the growth objectives demanded of them.

Tailored Collaborations

Scott designs and implements individualized consulting engagements that focus on client objectives. Recognizing that various approaches can yield excellent results, he does not insist on using a proprietary methodology that must be followed in lock-step fashion. Instead, he partners with clients, working closely with them to create successful outcomes. Continuing collaboration is key to success. Scott does not show up and “do something to” you, your team, or your company. Rather, he becomes an expert partner, helping you achieve high priority objectives.


Scott strives to provide a minimum of a 10:1 return ratio on his clients’ investment in his work, and believes in both short- and long-term gains. He recognizes that long-term gains are unlikely if short-term gains can’t be produced. Investments in the future should also yield immediate results.

Contact us to arrange a short conversation about the objectives you want to achieve.

“A partner. If asked what first comes to mind when describing Scott, that is my answer – a partner. One of Scott’s strengths is his ability to become intimate with an organization – asking insightful questions to learn about the culture and then using this information to guide change. His MO is to ‘work outside of the box.’ He comes armed with a portfolio of products that he is able to transform into materials configured to meet an organization’s need. I cannot think of a situation where, because of Scott’s ability and attitude, we did not successfully solve the problem in a creative and action-oriented manner. Perhaps the best part of working with Scott is that he is a professional who can be trusted. Scott will treat you fairly and respectfully. The starting point of the discussion is ‘what do you need?’ Once answered, Scott’s response is always — ‘there is a way and we will find it.’ Working with Scott is a sure thing.”

Seth Zimmer
Executive Director,
Organizational Performance,