The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness Within Your Company

Traditional leadership succession can mean plucking out the most confident extroverts and grooming them for management.

But there’s nothing traditional about business today. Staying relevant is a constant struggle, requiring ideas, effort, and excellence from every corner of the organization. Luckily, this grassroots leadership is already in place, just waiting to be activated.

The Hidden Leader casts a fresh eye of what it means to be a leader, with insights on how to locate and nurture the people who take initiative, act courageously, and get the job done right. These are the hidden leaders whose everyday performances deliver the competitive advantage you need.

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The Inspiring Leader: Unlocking the Secrets of How Extraordinary Leaders Motivate
John Zenger, Joseph Folkman and Scott Edinger discovered, through an extensive study conducted over four years, that leaders who possessed the ability to inspire and motivate outperformed all others.The authors found that the impact of inspiring and motivating others is consistent across different kinds of organizations and within different cultures. The Inspiring Leader reveals the authors’ newest proprietary research on how top leaders inspire teams to greatness. It discusses the behaviors exhibited by the most successful leaders and includes advice on how to implement them. Drawing from statistically significant data and objective empirical evidence, the book shows how to:

  • Establish a clear vision and direction
  • Use the power of emotions
  • Create stretch goals for your team
  • Foster innovation and risk taking
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration
  • Champion change, and much more

Zenger, Folkman, and Edinger lay out the strategies and concepts used by the world’s greatest leaders to motivate their teams. With The Inspiring Leader as your guide, you will learn how to put those strategies to work in your own business.

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The ASTD Leadership Handbook
A who’s who of gurus in the leadership field, including John Kotter, Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, and Scott Edinger, The ASTD Leadership Handbook is an exciting compilation of insights, ideas, and tools that will enable individuals, teams, and organizations to develop their leadership capabilities.This handbook sets itself apart in a crowded field by emphasizing development and by providing practical approaches to development. Topic areas covered in the book are leadership competencies, leadership development, attributes of successful leaders, contemporary leadership challenges, and broadening the leadership discussion.
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