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Scott has worked with some of the most respected thought leaders in the performance consulting business including Neil Rackham in sales effectiveness, Jack Zenger on leadership and teams, and Joe Folkman on employee engagement. Scott adapts his experience working with those mentors to develop innovative solutions that generate dramatic and sustainable results for his clients. Whatever your objectives are, we have the business expertise to support your efforts and help you achieve the results you need.

“Over the past few years at Gannett Broadcasting, we have put a tremendous amount of energy into transforming our Broadcast Television sales force’s core competencies from one of managing existing demand towards an intense focus on solving customer problems and driving growth by creating new demand across multiple media platforms. To help us navigate through the challenges this kind of change creates, we were able to tap not only into Scott’s strong understanding of results-oriented, customer-focused sales strategies, but also his deep knowledge of the media sales landscape. Scott was able to develop and coach our sellers in a way that allowed them to quickly put new insights into action. We are in a better position to outperform our markets and more importantly, deliver sustainable results for our customers due to the concepts and processes Scott brought to our team.”

Anthony Diaz

Vice President Sales Strategy and Development,

Gannett Broadcasting

Results Focus

Scott Edinger has been a senior executive and dealt with the challenges of leading a business.  From strategy and working with the board of directors to hiring, firing, and managing the front lines–he has not just written and consulted about it—he has done it with great success.  As a leader he has always produced results; he has led organizations to significant growth, led major change initiatives, created high performance teams and helped his clients to do the same.  We combine world class theory with practical and tactical implementation plans to produce the outcomes you define as success.


In a time when the term partner has lost a great deal of meaning, we take it more seriously than ever.  As a boutique firm we only work on select engagements where we feel there is mutual fit and likelihood for success.  This ensures our focus on your outcomes and high levels of responsiveness to your needs.  Our priority is the accomplishment of your objectives in a fast and efficient way.  We work closely with you, in partnership, to ensure your results and a successful implementation.

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